Friday, September 24, 2010

Mason Plein Air

"Quatman's Cafe– Night" 9"x 12" Oil on Canvas Panel

Well, this week we went out to paint in Mason on Tuesday night. One of our group, Barb Pask (, has been wanting to try getting out to paint in the dark for quite a while.

We got there at about 8:00P, just as the sun was setting. I did have a fair amount of light, I was under a street lamp similar to that in my painting, but it was still dim. I setup a small LED book light to shine on my pallet. Having LEDs on my painting didn't work because of the glare off the paint.

I got most of the painting done by the time they turned off the lights in the restaurant at 10:30P. I couldn't tell what the painting actually looked like until I got it in some "normal" lighting at home. I went back last night four about an hour to touch-up a couple of things and put in the neon lights.

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  1. Wow Don it looks great. We will have to try this again. I thought it was the perfect night and such a fun challenge.