Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Shadows on the Bar

Gregory Creek 9
12" x 16", Oil on Canvas

First time back to Gregory Creek in a long time (01/2012). This is a view of afternoon shadows cast across the ever changing gravel bar. Sand and gravel rutted by the people who visit the favorite fishing hole. Late Fall has turned the sumac to a red blaze on the hill behind the undercut bank. Layers of glacial till stratify the cut, lending texture and color that's reflected in the stream. The pioneering sycamores hold on to their last leaves of the season.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Creekside Giants

Old Sycamore
8" x 6", Oil on Canvas Panel

The end of January, Cheryl and I braved the muddy trails of Miami University's Bachelor Preserve in Oxford, Ohio. The trail wends along Four Mile Creek to the east of town and boasts some very old trees. Sycamores of such size that they can only be virgin growth, probably in the two to two hundred and fifty year old range. Near by is the Dewitt Log Home that was completed in 1805, when these trees were already growing along the creek.

A photo for size reference. Cheryl really loves these old trees!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Fall at the Pond

Reserves Park– Next Year's Tales
36" x 24", Oil on Canvas

The tall stands of cattails that surround the shore, blocking your view of open water, are casting their seeds to the winds. Puffs of fluff carry on zephyrs, seeking fertile ground to start anew. All is preparing for the icy blasts that will scourer the frozen water's surface and leave only the woody bits to withstand the frigid temperatures.