Friday, August 21, 2015

CAC– Sketch Group

CAC– Figure Study 6
12" x 16", Oil on Paper

Another work painting on paper from Cincinnati Art Club's Sketch Group. Working on painting in these short sessions is so different; not just important to get your drawing and values right, but working on color!

Plein Air– Gorman Farm

Three Cribs
12"x 18", Oil on Canvas

What a delight it was to paint at Gorman Heritage Farm this year. We finally had the weather cooperating (temps in the low 80's and humidity down in the 50's). I did experience some problems in painting this scene though. I located myself in opening of the barn door and was facing North West to see this view. With the bright sun we were lucky to have, it was reflecting off the silver corrugated barn siding just to the right out of view. After completing most of the work on this, I turned my whole setup around so the light fell on the painting and I was looking into the barn. Amazingly, the colors and values worked quite well!

Kids put up with the Photo Op

Marblehead Photo Op
14" x 18", Oil on Canvas

Based on photography from the trip to Lakeside, Ohio, this is a location next to the Marblehead lighthouse on Lake Erie. Marble head forms the western side of the mouth at the entrance to Sandusky Bay, Cedar Point is on the opposite side. The ledge visible in this painting makes clear why they called the point Marblehead.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Plein Air– Mariemont

Community Chapel
12" x 16", Oil on Canvas

The Mariemont Community Church has moved on to a larger facility and I'm told this chapel doesn't get much use. Located off Wooster Pike, toward the Old City Center, this area has even more of a feel of the old English village than the half timbered buildings around the Mariemont square. This will probably stand as a color study for a studio piece of the chapel and church yard.

AAPs– From Model

AAPs– Portrait 4
14" x 11", Oil on Canvas

Arts Alliance Painters had a model in to sit portrait last Monday. This was Whitney's first time sitting and she did an excellent job. This is a 3 hour portrait study.

CAC– Sketch Group

CAC– Figure Study 5
8" x 10", Oil on Canvas Panel

Painted from life at the Cincinnati Art Club Sketch Group. This is a 2 1/2 hour painting of that night's model.

Rain Day at Baker-Hunt

Waiting for the Rain to Stop
10" x 8", Oil on Canvas Panel

We couldn't paint "en plein air" last Thursday, 8/6, the rain was coming down too hard. Anticipating this problem one of the members of SWOPA had gotten permission to use studio space at the Baker-Hunt Arts Center in Covington. Only the two of us took advantage and we painted "à l'extérieur à travers la fenêtre" (the outside through the window).

Lakeside– Studio Work

Got Boat?
14" x 18", Oil on Canvas

The sailing instructors at Lakeside Chautauqua have a constant eye out for trouble on the water! They also prepare their pupils with personal floatation devices from the rack on the side of their Pavilion office. Pick a Sunfish from the boat rack and they'll send you out on Lake Erie with some initial instruction and a push to catch the wind.