Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Last Covered Bridge

Jediah Hill Bridge
12" x 24", Oil on Canvas

Just north of Mt. Healthy in Springfield Township, Jediah Hill built a water powered saw and grist mill  in the 1820's. The mill burned down in the 1980's, but a covered bridge that Jediah built across the west fork of the Mill Creek still stands. Built in 1850, this is the last covered bridge in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Last Year's Winter

Reserves Park– Winter's Grip 2
6" x 8", Oil on Canvas Panel

We were thinking that winter would never get here, of course now we have temperatures hovering in the single digits! I painted this little 6x8 as a companion to "RP– Winter's Grip". Another little 6x8 of the frozen ponds at Wetlands Park in the Reserves parks along the Butler County Regional Highway.