Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sharonville Plein Air

Sharonville IOF
9" x 12", Oil on Canvas Panel

Sharonville, OH is one of the northern most towns in Hamilton County. Straddling Reading Road, the south end of the old town is anchored by the 12 Mile House. This old coach stop was a typical single day's drive from Cincinnati.

The Odd Fellow Hall was built in the same style as the 12 Mile House and the marble block near the eaves proclaims 1847. It sits near the northern end of the old three block downtown area and is diagonally across the street from the Fine Arts Center's location. SWOPA met in Sharonville to mark the end of our one month showing of plein air paintings from last year at the Fine Arts Center.

Partial Shelter

Seasonal Adjustments 9– Partial Shelter
18" x 26", Oil on Canvas

Another in the series of paintings of the canoes at Morgan's Ft. Ancient Livery. This view showing the protection offered by the fir trees in this early winter season snow.

New Plein Air Season

Spring Grove View
10" x 22", Graphite on Paper

The first outing of the South West Ohio Plein Air group this season coincided with the hanging of CAC's Sketch Group Show. So I didn't get a chance to break out my paint box and instead did this drawing.

Ault Pavilion View
12" x 16", Oil on Canvas

The second outing was to Ault Park. All the flowering trees suffered from the previous weekend's winds and a snow shower and cold snap on Monday/Tuesday. Painting feels rusty! I need to exercise my brushes more.