Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Something We're Not Seeing

Winter's Sweep
12"x 24", Oil on Canvas

A LOT of my paintings are devoted to views of the Southwestern Ohio countryside where something has caught my eye. Most people will drive on by, but I have to stop and take another look... We're not seeing much snow this winter; it's been warm and wet. This scene is from a couple of years ago, on a very cold day with brilliant sunshine. The furrowed bank of the raised drive leads across the snow covered fields to the white farmstead on the horizon.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Morning Sunlight

Concourse– Morning Light
12" x  24", Oil on Canvas

This is a studio piece from photos taken during the Mariemont Plein Air event this last fall. My plein air piece from the same location was posted just after the event. It is of the view through the Concourse looking out to the Little Miami valley. This is the east side of the Concourse with sunlight filtering through the surrounding trees and dappling the wisteria and grass.