Sunday, July 11, 2010

The View From Here: Mason, OH

As part of the Cincinnati Art Museum's "See America" series of exhibitions for this summer, members of the Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance were asked to submit artwork for inclusion in "The View From Here: Mason, OH". For some photos of the art hung in the gallery, go here: The View From Here: Mason, OH

Artwork from a total of thirteen artists were accepted into the show and I feel lucky to be included... in the art museum and I'm not dead yet!
Here is a list of those with work represented: Carol Abbott, Celeste Bryant, Alla Dorn, Louise Dusing, Chuck Marshall, Tracy Molitors, Barbara Pask, Meredith Raffel, Alicia Rizzi, Donald Schuster, Nancy Stapleton, Dianne Therien, Frankie Wheeler

Sorry everyone, we couldn't take photos of all the works close-up, due to museum reproduction policies. Thanks to Meredith Raffel, Executive Director, Mason-Deerfield Arts Alliance and Carrie Maras, Cincinnati Art Museum, Art For Life.


  1. Congratulations on the exhibition Don!
    Best Regards from Montana,

  2. Thanks TJ. It's always exciting to see your work in a show and to have a non-posthumous museum exhibit... WOW!