Thursday, July 15, 2010

Two Days of Plein Air

I spent the last two days out painting "en plein air". Wednesday we were in downtown Mason again, but closer to the center of town. This little yellow house is behind the bank, across the street from the new "square". The drive you see to the left of the house goes into the banks parking lot. Several people stopped to comment on how much work the couple who own the house have put into it. It's a gem!

Today I was out with the folks from South West Ohio Plein Air Painters in Covington, KY. This is Wertheim's Restaurant... "Come where Kraut is King! Nestled in the heart of Covington's Historical "Mainstrasse Village" You will find authentic German Cuisine here, including the best Reuben Sandwich. Our award winning menu has something to please each member of your family from our publicized and well known signature Champignon Schnitzel, our sauteed Wurst and Mushroom appetizer not to forget our award winning and delicisous Kentucky Silk Pie: We think you will enjoy your experience at Wertheim's." Sounds good, doesn't it? I'll try to contact them to see if they'd like to buy a painting, or maybe I could wangle a free meal...

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  1. Wow, two days in a row painting in all this heat. Not me, I'm a wimp, lol. Both of these turned out wonderfully, the one from Covington should give you something for the write up you gave them. See you Monday.