Friday, September 27, 2013


519 Tusculum Avenue
12" x 16", Oil on Canvas

I painted on Tusculum Avenue in the Columbia-Tusculum neighborhood of Cincinnati yeaterday morning. The rest of the SWOPA group was going to paint afternoon-evening, but I was tied up.  The other side of Tusculum is lit in the AM, so colorful homes from the west side of the street are represented.


  1. Very nice Don, I wondered if you joined the group to paint. Love that red roof, bet that is what drew you to this??

  2. I guess you'll be doing the Oil Painters Of America Paint out these coming weekends! Love your work. I may join in on one of the weekends I'm not teaching.

  3. Thanks Barb. Had to keep from too much red roof! Yes Kim, I'll be painting in Eden Park. Hope to see you there!