Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seasonal Adjustments 3

The third and probably last in this series of paintings from photos taken this Fall at Morgan's Canoe Livery, Ft. Ancient: Seasonal Adjustment 3, 16x20, oil on canvas. This is just a small portion, but in this scene you can get some sense of the number of canoes rented from this location during warmer weather.

Morgan's is located on the flood plain some 250 ft. below the bluffs that contain one of the best known prehistoric native american sites in the country. Ft. Ancient is a complex of high earthen embankments ringing what is thought to be a ceremonial space enclosing 100 acres. Constructed during the Hopewell period (1st Century BC-6th Century AD) the walls stretch some 3.5 miles.


  1. We used to go canoeing there all the time when I was in high school. Love the painting and the trip down memory lane!