Saturday, July 9, 2011

Plein Air with SWOPA

Thursday afternoon and evening I was out painting with the Southwest Ohio Plein Air group at Devou Park in Covington, KY. I decided not to try to paint the famous view of downtown Cincinnati from the lookout there, because the humidity and smog was so bad. Everything looked like it was in a fog. Also, there was very little shade to paint from and with temps in the 90's I didn't want to fry.

I found a position under some trees just off the green for hole #2 of the golf course. This is the view of a knob with trees, with the green out of view below and to the right of the painting. Foreground left are the women's tees for hole #8, with the men's tee to the right of the cart path jog and out of the painting. The seventh green is below the silhouetted tree, with the ornamental grass between it and the cart path at top right.

I set the timing of this "View Across 2 and 8", 12" x 16", Oil on Canvas, at about 6:00P, about two hours into the session. The area was all almost in direct shadow, but secondary lighting came from the glowing haze in the air.


  1. It's been so hot around here, I can't get work done past the late morning hours. Even in the shade...way too hot. I haven't been to Devou in ages, wonderful painting!

  2. It was hot that day and we painted in the afternoon! Out with the Southwest Ohio Plein Air group, check out their schedule on the Cincinnati Art Club website and join us! Should have been with them at Rapid Run Park today, but too hot and opening tonight...