Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Butterfly Bluff 2

I finished this painting this week at MAPs, another one in the series from the photos I took in Winton Woods Park end of last summer. Less Queen Anne's Lace in this one and more of the hill side in the foreground. This one is not split by the roadway as the previous paintings have been either.

I'm still drawn to those blue-greens of the pines, we don't have them naturally occuring around here. This stand was probably planted by the Civilian Conservation Corps or Boy Scouts just after the park was established. Winton Woods wraps around Green Hills, one of the "Greenbelt" developments done by the government in the '30s.

I planted trees in the park several times in the '60s as service projects with my Scout troop. Don't think it was in this area, I remember us working on the North side of the lake.


  1. How cool that you planted trees there as a kid and can now see them grown! Though, finding exactly where you planted them could be pretty hard. Love the painting!

  2. Thanks Kim! It is nice to see some things improving with age (trees, kids, etc.). It seems all too many things are disappearing or not what they used to be.