Saturday, October 9, 2010

Plein Air Thursday and Friday

We're finally getting the barest hints of fall color around here, but mostly on the hill tops. As you can see the cold airs have yet to invade the lowlands to start the leaves changing color. Another week or so before the rest of the trees start turning. This 9x12 is from Thursday in the valley of Glenwood Gardens, one of the Hamilton County parks. Another one of the outings with the SW Ohio Plein Air group.
This is from the Friday outing with the Mason Area Plein Air group. We were back on the North side of Mason, but painting on the other side of Rt 42. This house was from 42 looking down Kings Mill Rd. Up on a hill top there is more color coming in the trees. Caught it in the earlier morning so the shadows were long across the yard.

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